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I’m Sadhna Makhija, an International Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy & Time Line Therapy. Sadhna Makhija,Hypnosis,Hypnotherapy,Psychotherapy,Stress,Anxiety,Depression,Grief,Mentoring,Coach,Coaching,Fear,of,flying,Death,Public,speaking,Social,anxiety,Addiction,Smoking,Stop,smoking,Performance,Enhancement,Alcohol,addiction,Sleep,Disorder,Insomnia,Focus,Study,stress,Exam,stress,Weight,Weight,loss,Weight,management,Binge,eating,Emotions,Eating,disorder,Phobia,Anger,Grief,Sadness,Guilt,Shame,Loneliness,Dear,Frustration,Disappointed,Disappointment,Uncertainty,Confusion,Decision,making,Determination,Motivation,Therapy,Sessions,Cognitive,behavioural,therapy,Gestalt,Future,ADHD,PTSD,Trauma,Relationship,Teenage,Mid,life,crisis,Discomfort,Restless,Restlessness,Panic,Panic,attack,Self,respect,Awareness,Relaxation,Relax,Meditation,Peace,Calm,Rest,Confidence,Memories,Subconscious,Mind,Unconscious,mind,Feelings,Control,Skills,Believes,Limit,Coach,Coaching,Trainings,Irrational,Anchoring,Eye,patterns,Procrastinating,Procrastination,Strategy,Strategies,Past,Future,Pain,control,Tension,Headache,Dental,fears,MissionYou
Who can benefit from NLP?

Most people ask what NLP can do for them and what they will get out of it.
The areas that NLP can enhance:

    • NLP in personal development : NLP is an excellent form of personal development and can help you develop a better understanding of what makes you ‘tick’. Gain insight and compassionate patience with the people in your life by responding effectively in the moment. Recognise your own out-of-date responses to situations and replace them with skills you know will benefit and enhance your life.
    • NLP and education : What can be more satisfying than achieving academic success with ease and joy? When people discover the art of learning how to learn their world changes immensely.
      1: Understanding how the mind functions as a recording mechanism and a processing system that utilises the five senses as its main resource makes learning a simple task. Discover which sensory system is the most effective in any given situation.
      2: A great number of people struggle with learning issues of some form or another. In NLP there is very little reason to believe that one cannot spell. There is tremendous evidence that suggests ineffective strategies such as attempting to spell with auditory memory, a process widely taught to youngsters as a means of sounding out words. Ask anyone who has struggled with this subject if they understand that ‘sumtimz fonics duzn’t werk’.
      3: NLP demystifies learning issues and then simply teaches the correct sensory process and strategy for encoding information into appropriate memory recall. Believe it or not, it’s that simple, and every child in the world has a right to this information.

    • NLP and parenting: Learn how to understand the fundamental differences between how an adult mind responds differently than a child’s. Communication lines open when children are understood from their map of the world. NLP is the language of our unconscious mind often referred to as the ‘right brain’. The study provides the rational or ‘left brain’ understanding of the functions of the ‘right brain’. Children develop the rational mind as their baby teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. Up until that age they are living and communicating directly from the perspective of the unconscious mind. Imagine having the insight and wisdom to pace their emotional experience of the world in a way that prevents them from having to face any form of rescue therapy as adults. The benefits to children living with parents and educators who have studied NLP are profound. NLP helps you provide your child with an attuned, balanced and coherent childhood which in turn helps them achieve their full potential.

    • NLP in Relationships: We are taught from an early age that it is better to talk than to listen. NLP gives you the techniques by which to aid communication whether with your partner, children or colleagues and friends.

    • NLP and the health care professions: NLP was born out of the study and modelling of the highly effective therapists. NLP is a therapy model that is an excellent add-in or plug-in system that compliments just about any conventional or alternative therapeutic discipline. It is often said that there is nothing new in NLP and there is truth to that with the exception that it is about process rather than content. The NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioner courses will provide a range of approaches for assisting your clients in making quite profound changes in their lives and in their emotional perceptions.

    • NLP in Management: Improve your ability to communicate, coach, motivate and manage. Develop the skills and behavioural flexibility essential for coping with today’s flatter corporate structure, cross-functional responsibilities, team structures and remote management.

    • NLP in career advancement: NLP can help you improve how you currently perform your functions such as in interviews and meetings. Present your ideas with greater clarity and impact. Whether you are currently employed or changing jobs, you are in effect competing for advancement and this depends on your personal qualities, your ability to organise and present ideas. Inspire others with these ideas and congruently demonstrate your confidence. NLP can empower you to gain that vital extra edge.

  • NLP in Sport: The ability to win in sport is critically dependant on the ability to utilise and manage your mental attitude and this applies whether you compete in local activities or are a world-class participant. NLP provides a very effective route to identifying what accounts for the results you achieve – favourable or not. At its most basic and fundamental, the mind in sport is the methodology by which a participant develops ways of getting into the optimum state often referred to as the ‘zone’.
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